The world is such a beautiful place. It has so much to offer to us. And you might just be one person to the world. But you can change the world if you’re willing to. Together with the people around you.

Love is amazing. And it is all around. To love and to be loved, that is what is most important in this life. Forget about success. Forget about education. Forget about all the things you’re expected to do. Just take a step back and love. Love everyone around you.

Love wins. It’s big. It’s great. And it happens. Even when you don’t want it to happen, it will. You will fall in love. With people. With things. With places. With moments. With everything.



I do so much to please the people around me. To make them happy. I say yes to everything, just because I’m afraid to let them down.

But sometimes in life you have to be a little selfish. Choose yourself over others. Mostly to take care of yourself. Because if you don’t, it will break you.

So, today I said no. Not because I didn’t want to go, but because I can’t. I have too much on my mind. Too much work to do. And I know you don’t understand. That’s okay. I just have to put me first right now. Until I sort myself out.


We work so hard to get where we want to be. To get the things we want to have. To create a life for ourselves. A live that is worth living.

But sometimes it isn’t enough. Sometimes you work so hard on something, but still end up failing. And you don’t know why.

You can’t be good at everything. But they say that if you work really hard for it, you can get yourself there. But is that even true? Does hard work really pay off? Because I’m starting to doubt it.


On my best days it’s like the sun it’s shining, even when it’s not.

But some days dark clouds come over me. Clouds no one but me can see. And I can feel them too. The demons are taking over my body and this sadness comes over me.

But how do I escape? How do I get out of a normal life? How do I escape the sadness? Why can’t anybody see how I feel? Am I really that good at hiding it? Do I really have to spell it out? Do I really have to write it down?


How can you have everything your little heart desires, but still feel like it isn’t enough. Everything needs to be better. Everything needs to be bigger. Nothing is ever right for you. And you’ll always want more.

But are you prepared to work for it? I don’t think so. You just want more and more and more, while sitting back and watching others get it for you.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare at your reflection for a long, long time. And dig deeper. Look at the inside. Are you happy with yourself that way? Are you actually happy about the way you treat people? And the way you push people around?


People are always going to have opinions. Whatever you do, it will never be good enough. And that’s hard. It is so hard. Because all you want is to be yourself. To have people love you for who you are.

But don’t let it get to you. If people can’t accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve your time. But remember, it’s not important what other people think. What’s important is that you’re happy. Happy with who you are and with what you’re doing. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

There’s so much hate in the world, but don’t let it get to you. Don’t let the hate win. Spread the love. Hug. Kiss. Give compliments. Be happy. And be you.


Some people always have to one-up you. You will never have the things they have. You will never be as happy as they are. And you will never feel as miserable as they feel. Because their lives will always be great when yours is good. And their lives will always be horrible when yours is just bad. Or at least that’s what they say.

When something happens to me, you have to remind me of when you were in that situation. You can’t just listen. When I’m in pain, your pain is always ten times worse. You can’t just help me.

I’m tired of that kind of negativity in my life. Just be happy for me during the good times. And be there for me when I’m feeling sad. Don’t make it about you. Although I think it actually is a skill to be able to turn the conversation back around to you, it’s not a skill you should be proud of. And you will never be happy with yourself, because you’ll always want to one-up everyone. People don’t appreciate that.