Some people always have to one-up you. You will never have the things they have. You will never be as happy as they are. And you will never feel as miserable as they feel. Because their lives will always be great when yours is good. And their lives will always be horrible when yours is just bad. Or at least that’s what they say.

When something happens to me, you have to remind me of when you were in that situation. You can’t just listen. When I’m in pain, your pain is always ten times worse. You can’t just help me.

I’m tired of that kind of negativity in my life. Just be happy for me during the good times. And be there for me when I’m feeling sad. Don’t make it about you. Although I think it actually is a skill to be able to turn the conversation back around to you, it’s not a skill you should be proud of. And you will never be happy with yourself, because you’ll always want to one-up everyone. People don’t appreciate that.


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