I still remember how we walked the halls of high school. We were always together, hanging out. We had so much fun. Laughed until we cried. And then we left school and continued to do so.

I still remember the summers we spent by the lake. The little picnic’s we had. How we jumped in the water. The boys we met. The little trips we made. And sometimes I still look at all the pictures we took and I realize that I want that back.

I still remember the laughs we had today. The way we reminisced. How we promised each other to do all the things we used to do and more. How we planned on taking a road trip and going back to the lake. And it makes me so happy. Because sometimes friendship doesn’t mean you see each other all day every day. It means you catch up every now and then and it feel familiar. It’s like you saw each other yesterday, even when you haven’t seen each other in months. With some people it’s just easy like that.


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