I always tell myself to live with no regrets. But I can be so stupid sometimes. And afterwards you know right away that you shouldn’t have done it. You picture all these scenarios in your head on how you would’ve done everything differently. You want to change the words you said, but you can’t.

You shouldn’t have picked up the phone that one time, because the conversation got out of hand. You should’ve taken a different road home, so you wouldn’t have ran into that ghost from your past. You shouldn’t have kissed that boy, so he wouldn’t have been able to break your heart later. And you shouldn’t have had that last drink, because that was the one to make you act like a fool.

But all of these things teach us something. It teaches us that making mistakes is a part of life. It teaches us the things we shouldn’t do again in the future. And it teaches us that no matter what we do in life, it goes on. We might regret whatever it is we did, but we can also accept it. Laugh about. Cry about it. Learn from it. Move on and try again.


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