Guilt. It’s an awful feeling we all get to experience at times. Sometimes it’s because we are guilty, but so many times it’s just our conscience playing us.

Why do we feel guilty about situations that are out of our hands? Yes, if we made one different move, the whole situation would turned out differently, but that’s an if. We can’t keep asking ourselves these questions. What if I had done this differently? Or what I had handled that situation in a different way? What if?

But what if you did do something different and your whole life would’ve been upside down. And not for the better, but for the worse. Would you still be happy that you changed things around? Would you have no regrets then? You will never know. Because you never know what would change if you did something differently. I guess that’s kind of the beauty of life. The best thing but also the worst. That nothing is certain but one thing.


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